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Surrender the Fire

by Autumns Eyes

Greedy demon parasites feeding for the thrill Preaching all their teachings on everyone they kill These brainless maggots turn you into their prey Ignoring everything you do and everything you say Running from disaster they hide from everything, looking out for no one but themselves It doesn't matter even if they fall down they're still above us on their own grounds Suckered into speeches that they give, we trust even when their words are tainted with rust Always overcritical on everything you do, you'll soon be dead before they listen to you They'll never look down until you're on your knees Alone they stand in times of torment The control they crave, has turned its back The agony that they fight consumes their anger driven cries With no one left to turn to, all hope has burned away Pathetic creatures have now dwindled into mockery Now I'm your preacher, you bow to me All this time in their minds, they stood as golden kings Never thinking twice before abusing blasphemy Now it's time to suffocate their feeble truths and lies Eradicate the arrogance and continue with our lives
Empty Bliss 06:03
The scent of death echo's in reverse As time burns out exposing the curse I see a shadow so far away My fear is hollow and I cannot stay Empty bliss, just throw it all away All away Drowning in the sorrows of guilt left long ago This place is so familiar, I know what lies below Pity for the weak no more as they are now dead Feeding off the bottom of the flesh inside my head Awake the spirits dormant within Bring back the chaos without the sins I feel the blood craving evil desire Combust the rage into a burning fire The nightmare has returned, no remorse to whom it burns
I watch you bleed as you proceed to beg for mercy Your cuts run deep; soon you will sleep and never haunt me The pool of red beside your head expands beneath my feet Your foolish lies have caused your cries because of your deceit Your fucking skin will burn to your bones I live for nothing more than to see you torn apart Wrapped up in barbed wire shredding your skin across these rocks Razors in between each tooth as I force your jaws shut Needles through your pupils dilating into rust Shattered hopes match the bones that lay in pieces Across the ground where not a sound is heard for ages Before you burn, who will you turn to asking salvation? Your wounds infect what’s left of flesh that rots under the sun This torture on which you succumb knows neither of the god nor the devil Fear me and no one else, for I will put you through my own hell
Summers end brings life to those who passed away last year Dignified by homicide they've come to instill fear Spirits disembodied frown with ever flowing hate They've come to take your body now before it gets too late Suspended are the laws of time and space tonight for spirits to return with gifts of death and fright The only hope is to extinguish all aflame Disguise yourself, and wreak havoc and pray they wont expose your shame Say goodbye to your faith As they now claim this night, their demons will take flight... The feast of the dead


Considered the heaviest Autumns Eyes album to date, Surrender the Fire also hosts the track which eventually became Autumns Eyes first music video for the song Feast of the Dead. The metal community soaked in every ounce of this album with praise from all across the globe. Fans and critics alike became enamored with its ferocious speed and blistering intensity. To date it marks one of the most popular Autumns Eyes albums ever released.


released October 31, 2008

All songs written and recorded by Daniel Mitchell at Beneath the Woods Studio.


all rights reserved



Autumns Eyes Connecticut

Heavy music from New England, born in the woods & bathed in darkness.

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