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The Awakening of the Sleeping King

by Autumns Eyes

Close your eyes now and believe what i see Pain in your soul is familiar to me Carry these words as a look to the past Use them to guide you towards truth at last Wake up and find yourself alone thinking about the place where you belong To live without a mind that is devoted carelessly to mankind will leave your senses blind with nothing for you to leave behind, nothing at all Sacred words you sing to heal yourself cutting closer to the vein in a cry for help Leaving everything you have in the hands of something that you don't even understand You always hear the stories of the ones that have died simply giving in to the illusions and lies in hopes that you will become a legend with so much pride This will change as soon as the sun has hit your eyes Ask yourself just what you see in your reflection disregard the image you portray for your protection Collectively you think its such a good decision don't you know how many people are in your position
A face that you don't know, a voice that never screams A heart that never beats, and eyes that cease to dream Connection that is gone, a hope shattered in vein Collections now withdrawn, from the sight of the unseen You soulless coward, how dare you bleed to me Trying to hold on to precious soil (before i sweep your legs from underneath) The plans that you have set now i must spoil (in fear you wince away as i grind my teeth) So now your fate i hold, decisions i must make to break apart your mold , and reveal you are fake To beg will do no good, your weakness runs so deep know i once understood, how it was in eternal sleep So now we wander in between What you are is just a foolish feeble mistake and after all, our best sides shine when our shells are forced to break I never thought id see us here this way (together on the same path that we made) Courage once was lost now here to stay (strength within now helps to keep us sane)
Just look into my eyes, more than just black and green If you prey for my demise, i wont try to change your mind Beckoning for the sun to set. Erase the pain and let me forget A darkened smile within my reply lets me know that ill be alright In the past i would waste the day (losing focus and incentive) Everything has now been changed (i must remain reactive) If you could see me, the way i was you could not disagree, everybody has their own flaws Examine me to fit your needs, create your own stipulations This is how the inarticulate feed, to their misfortune they succeed Everyone has their own disguise to try and make themselves go and hide The pain is deep and makes me perceive you need to give so that they receive Conforming now to idle hands that only feed your actions Now that this has come to an end I send a message that i defend Compare yourself to no one but you look inside to help you break through Why do i expose myself? (when so many will only doubt) Do I really need your help? (if not then why do i scream and shout) Look at the picture from far away tell me then is me or you who's skies are clouded by your own way?
Run away from dismay Let go the hand that you betray Walking through the sand, trying not to hear that this was meant to be Together here we stand, crying out to wake us all up from this dream In this battle we fight today sometimes it feels like we're fighting alone When we try to face you, you walk away Will we ever find those words that we embraced? Now we stand far from grace Astray our plan, almost erased Seconds fly away, as time is wasted carry out your next defense Don't wait for another day, pay the price to bleed your words at your expense At times it seems that we have reached our final confines So now reach inside and expose your wrath
Everything is happening all at once never giving time to figure anything out Dropping like a weight and bringing me to the ground I try to get up but I'm forced back down Crawling at the dirt i try to get ahead realizing now that I'm just better off dead How can i get these thoughts to get out of my head I'm starting to feel what lies ahead Calming my nerves is the silence (collect your thoughts before you break) Closing my eyes to rid violence (unless you want to keep this pain) When will i see the solution? (without asking the one above) Trying to find resolution (inside this vicious insanity) Its almost as if i am dying (has destiny caught up so fast) With angels above that are crying (i start to see a light at last) Thoughts becoming clear, the strain has disappeared Now i return by the grace of the unknown From the fires that burned, to the place i can call my own Creation has made me who i am today though deep inside i am the one to obey Society can hold you down and expose your flaws so stay true to yourself and stay true to your cause
Now I see clear as the night sky I wander around guided by the fireflies In search of you I know that your not far away Extend your hand, and join me now. This is our day. Leaves that once covered our secrets are blowing freely into the air Did I mention that I'll keep this as a memory of it's own? In the place we call our forest, a look to you and a smile back Now our love has it's own purpose, no more pain in our hearts of glass So here we are surrounded by the stars Into your eyes I gaze upon and gather dreams To sleep we go our arms entwined I'll keep you close with your hand in mine I finally found the one to keep me far away from uncertainty And though it seems so good, will it relieve my pain? In the place we call our forest, a look to you and a smile back Now our love has it's own purpose, no more pain in our hearts Our hearts will last
Consequence has left you hopeless where you stand, leaving me with no choice but to end this by command Follow me into this room of deaths facade, no one here can help you not even your precious god Wait and see how I can be Get on your knees, and don't believe Nobody here except your fear As i get close you start to hear the screams so deep You start to weep, and prey for sleep There's no escape so stay awake Its no mistake I've got you right where i want you I could easily just shove a rag inside your mouth Soaked in blood it would prevent me from hearing your shouts Your skin is soaked in lies so lets just cut it off This part seems tough here let me squeeze, when i do, could you please cough? Wait and see how i can be Get on your knees, and don't believe Nobody here except your fear As i get close you start to hear the screams so deep You start to weep, and prey for sleep There's no escape so stay awake Its no mistake Time to ponder here while you ache So now I'm sitting here wondering if I've gone too far Maybe circumstance has taught me no matter what ill never cover my own scars Is this really what you want Do you think you can make everyone suffer
I always walked alone with no one there to accept me. I had nowhere to go with nothing left to be set free In time I'd lose my virtue to a stranger so confused no purpose on this planet with a myth that clouds all view Aiming backwards at my secrets I create my own misfortune too As I rot in a pile of filth do I expect to be saved by you? Id rather be burned alive than to give in to what you ensue Believe me I would love to capture the mood that has weighed me down and give it back to you ten fold, then watch your greedy body hit the ground Falling further into torture I brace myself to hit the bottom but as i land so hard, the ground beneath begins to shake, and I fall yet again So now the tears have drown me, gasping for just one more breath. at last I've met my ending to a book I've never read The darkness has become my light. What I love now was once my fright The fires burn to fuel my might. As I return to claim the night Look beyond yourself and your allegiance to others, destroy everything and everyone who inherits betrayal. Now I'm back to seek revenge on those who pained myself of living in their world of constant shame They wanted me to be like them so here I am only to deliver this devils punishment After all of this pain and torture Ill leave them be to wait for the next You will meet them soon in your future and hopefully this time you will learn from your mistakes At last its time to go, continue on with no more pain. Keep in mind what lays below, and grow from that of which you have gained A deviant asylum, turned into my utopia. All because I had fallen, and made my way back without leaving who I am


If you are a fan of heavy music, chances are you have come across your fair share of concept albums. While The Awakening of the Sleeping King doesn’t expose its concepts so blatantly, the lyrical themes still surround themselves within a singular story. Simply put, its a personal reflection of someone who suffers from multiple personalities. Often times these types of people can also suffer from multiple psychotic voices in their head, which are represented here by both clean and screaming vocals.


released October 31, 2007

All songs written and recorded by Daniel Mitchell at Beneath the Woods Studio.


all rights reserved



Autumns Eyes Connecticut

Heavy music from New England, born in the woods & bathed in darkness.

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