Please Deceive Me

by Autumns Eyes

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Many artists go through a period of trials and tribulations which test their limits, a time when all of their most aggressive inner demons begin their ultimate torment. Please Deceive Me was without question the most difficult album for Autumns Eyes to complete, due to these dire circumstances. Fraught with an exhausting amount of personal injury related surgeries, the release of this album was constantly in peril. Thankfully it finally was able to see the light of day, and the dark of night, where fans both old and new were able to share their appreciation for the long awaited full length album.


released April 1, 2012

All songs written and recorded by Daniel Mitchell at Beneath the Woods Studio.



all rights reserved


Autumns Eyes Connecticut

Autumns Eyes is a one man metal band inspired by Halloween and Horror Movies.

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Track Name: Ichabod
At this time you have not
seen the light or darkest days
You and I are much alike
in what we do and what we say

So many questions
so little answers
That nervous patience
eels like you’re the only one

I swear beyond my words
to protect you when in need
I won’t back down or retract my fight
to make sure that you succeed
There might just come a time
when you need a helping hand
I’ll be right there waiting for you my son
next to you I stand

When it’s my time to go
do not grieve in fear
Take your Mother’s hand for me
and thank her for all those years
Track Name: Blood In the Woods
They were always together
Until that one day things would change
She never wanted to leave the house
An act of fear the he knew was strange
As they lay down their heads to sleep
He disappeared into the moonlit night
When she awoke she almost choked at his demise
Standing before her with failure in his eyes

And she said...
“Is that your blood? Is that your blood on the ground”
She would never know
Her soul was gone long ago

He had to think of a way to explain
Without affecting her anxiety and pain
The time had come to tell the truth at last
After all this time trapped in the past

“This is your blood. Straight from your body in the ground.
What you don’t know, is that you died long ago.”

“The year of three on Halloween is when we met.
A night I thought that we would never forget.
On our walk home you had your foot stuck in the track.
After the train took you away, I had to bring you back.”

“In your eyes you gave her life,
and right in front of my own you took her away as the coward you are.
With the trees as my witness, and the moon as my judge...
I shall bring her back...”

“I couldn’t stand watching you trapped inside.
I had to bring your body back to life.
Until today your soul was stuck beyond the grave.
The only way for you to stay is give my own life away.”
Track Name: Please Deceive Me
Please deceive me
I don't want your opinion
I just wanna be blind
Through the obsession
man made his medicine
and while I dug his grave
he just closed my eyes

As it begins to sink its teeth
the pressure goes away
You don't believe that you lost control
and think you can stop any day

With a lack of emotion
the bridge has started to burn
The smoke is clear and you’re by yourself
nobody, nowhere to turn

It’s right about now that the wish is made
to erase the mistakes
All the pain, the hate, the fucking relentless fear
is causing you to break

The damage is done just don’t look back
no matter what you say
tomorrow is here and your past has decayed
it’s time to be rid of this curse, today.

If you feel that you’ve had enough
Keep in mind that your wicked ways are now so far behind
Time is your friend and your enemy
when in doubt just always remember there’s never an easy way out

You don't just have to be brave to travel alone now
For the wrong path is the dark path. why can’t you see that?
Your soul is about to be saved, so don't give it up now
If you fall back then believe that you will never repeat it as you will defeat it
Track Name: So Close to Shadow
You can't give life to something
on its way to die
But you can take it away from yourself so fast
in the blink of an eye
Time can't wait forever
and you’re holding out like you’re almost there
When miles away is the truth
that lays in your hands as you now gasp for air

What gives you the right?
You think you have it bad?
At least you have your life
something some will never have

you have seen all the hate, all the rage that plagues
everyone on the outside
It seems like nothing is feared, nothing is sacred
and they all just live thier lie

How is one supposed to deal with a world
that makes you feel so far away?
You’re so alone, so afraid, so amazed
but I'm here to tell you that it all ends today
Track Name: Cobwebs and Crosses
Trust me I know who you are
but I don’t wish to travel that far
It seems like the road that you laid
gets buried so deep every day

People obsessed with the worst
assume that their life has been cursed
And when all is taken away
they drop to their knees and they pray

I wanted to have belief in you
but everyone told me to fear you
I saw in their eyes that the truth was a lie
and they don’t care for you until they die

Selfish humanity reigns
as their fingers are pointed to blame
everyone else but themselves
as they fight with each other and kill one another

So easy for them to complain
unless it’s your name said in vain
A rule that they follow with nothing but sorrow
no wonder they ignore tomorrow

When they are alone and afraid
they turn to you for all to be saved
if you say no, then they let go

Courage and faith should be earned
from all of the lessons we learn
Instead of believing in something we trust
while it hangs on the wall and it’s covered in dust

So where do I fit in this game?
As someone who carries no shame
My life is my own and I hope that you know
even though we don’t speak we are never alone
Track Name: Haunting Your Daughter
Open your eyes to what you fear
Look past the thorns and I’ll appear
Your skin turns pale white so drenched in fright
I’ll be gentle trust me I don’t bite

Your skin will tremble as you choke on your screams
No one will trust you when you tell them I’m the man from your dreams...

Seven deadly sins away from falling asleep, forever.
Your nights are filled with terror
as I haunt you and I taunt you
It does not matter what you believe
You’ll bleed, and I’ll feed on your dreams

So much time you wasted alone
Arrogance fell down from your throne
A selfish bitch who knows how to lie
Your time is up and now you are mine

You claim the pain in your life was the worst
After me you’ll wish that death had captured you first

You’ll never see her again
You’ll never touch her again
You’ll never hear her again
You’ll never fuck her again
Track Name: The Wooded Road
The faces of untruth became my constellations
To look above was just a reflection of what lay below

I've collapsed inside my own fear
Desolation has led to destruction
A plague to dispose of the world around me
Though even solitude has now turned its back

Catatonic is the birth of my dilemma
Shadow is now considered my only light
Their pity has drowned my suffering compassion
What stands before me now is beyond my own breath

Through times inspired eyes we question what we know
A chance for all to hide in their nightmares and follow the wooded road

If not weak I would cry
If not bleak I would try
If no longer I shall seek
Than I shall give up and die