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Ending Life Slowly

by Autumns Eyes

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Kaotek Just found you guys and loving the style. Definitely love when you mix harsh and clean vocals. Hope to hear more soon. Favorite track: Moments Into Memories.
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Plaguewielder Somewhere at the intersection of hard rock, metal, and gothic rock is this band. Excellent musicianship and surprisingly catchy lyrics that most other better-known bands couldn't conjure up if they sold their souls to do it! And, as a fan of Halloween, the track "Death of October" is just perfect. Will definitely watch for future releases from this band! Favorite track: Death of October.
The Akerstache
The Akerstache thumbnail
The Akerstache It's mid-October, why not celebrate with some spooky gothic metal? Favorite track: Death of October.
Tremble from the cold air sweeping through the streets Watch your step from the cracking leaves that break beneath your feet Walk a little faster as day begins to fade, the clouds are turning black with every moment you’re afraid Take your darkest fears and confess what you desire Embrace the wicked season of black and orange fire Devils and witches will show their skin before they make you scream A chance to release all our sins, on this Halloween Time to invoke the ghouls and ghosts who know how to expose what we fear most A wicked spell to conjure up the demons who compel us to drink blood from their cups Walk into the woods and gaze beyond the trees Take it off and dance for the devils who you now aim to please The night is getting colder the air has stolen your breath The raven on your shoulder whispers words of death The autumn air surrounds you, begging you to stay Thirty one days is never enough to celebrate this day
I see your strength, and all its lies Contemplating the life you despise And when you realize, all your hopes are gone Then you can sympathize, with all that you’ve done wrong Your scars are hollow, your burns, your cuts, your sins Just scrapes of sorrow that barely break the skin Days are dying, and you are filled with fear Your soul is crying, and choking on its tears Your time is coming, so close its almost here You’re terrified, but dignified, to slowly disappear
On this day you could be passing your death Just think, this could be your last breath So close, but never knowing when or how, it could be tomorrow or it could happen right now Have your last words, have your final say Embrace what you see, before it goes away All of your prayers belong to the dead now Its time to go, time to end your last day To be alone where not even time is alive So void of life not even darkness could survive What you will see isn’t certain Will you even be the same person? What if I wanted to stay, no matter how long its been If I can be taken away, I can come back to live again
The fire gone but ash remains Smoldered anger red with pain A lost soul devoid of hope destroying any prayers which I invoke The fear is ripe and fraught with death black smoke takes away my breath A terror spread both far and wide shedding a light on where my sanity died Not even time will heal this pain, from a fire that can burn in the rain The growing threat of mortality always ends with your fatality Trapped inside this lost desire, it's almost hard to see That the one who caused this fire, that blame belongs to me Blinded by veins in the sky, beating down from those who have died Clouds shaping all my haunted dreams from the ashes of a terminal scream Ive gone back to the fire within, to attack and embrace my sins A bold look into the bones of destiny, a future sought to keep whatever is left of me I disappeared for far too long, so far away from ever feeling strong The more that life takes a toll on me, the further I get from who I used to be Moments now turn to memory, losing focus on my dignity Ive given up every last breath, until the point where I belong with death A beating heart is my worst enemy, its why my dying days are blinded by blasphemy Deep in the forest with solitude, where I find peace and nobody to intrude Now when the fire swallows my soul, I’ll be the one to take back control Control the fire, create desire, embrace the flame until you’re ready to expire
Step down from the shadows and take a moment to calm your superstition A false crown needs no meaning when its purpose is to blind everyone Since the dawn of your memory you were poisoned with lies from all around I don’t just mean from up above, these false idols come from the sky and the ground Fuck your devil, and your god, and your attempts to make me choke on their words Im not impressed by your science, you’re just as bad as the preachers before I’ll never give you what you want from me, my faith on display for everyone to see I don’t have time to spare for your hate, so despite all your lies, I choose to find my own way
I could never accept it, the fact that you were so far gone It was so unexpected, to watch the light fade from your eyes You were always the strong one, the one who never gave in to what we fear I wish you could have just told us that you needed our help… …but you couldn’t hold on, you just had to go away You couldn’t hold on, you were never meant to stay Now that silence has found you, we try to cope, but the sorrow it still remains In the sadness that drowned you, I look for answers why, but all I find is pain How does this even happen? A friend for life to say goodbye so suddenly Despite this tragic disaster, we will never let go of your memory After the dawn and before the stars I speak to the sky or wherever you are All of our time spent wasting away I wish I could go back for just one more day But the ink is dry, the pages set in stone No matter how much we cry, we read the story alone I know that you were hurting, and that you were in pain, and you saw that you’d never go back to the days where your life was astray from the path you laid In the fever of sadness, you let go of your life, but through all the tears and the senseless fears, your life means more than your death in the hearts of us all
When you were young the world was so clear No thoughts of doubt with nothing to fear Forever in time with all of your friends Never to think it would come to an end And then they were lost, and you are still here Dying away, and shedding a tear The ones that you love never last very long but just because they left doesn’t mean they are gone Memory helps to relive the years when all of your hopes swallowed all of your fears but many forget that memory fades and all you are left is with your dying days So don’t give it up, just make sure you know that wherever you were, isn’t where you will go Your dreams belong forever in your sleep don’t let the past dictate what you seek Feel your days fading away now fill in the blanks before its too late Enjoy what you have while its still here because death is the end and its drawing near Look at yourself and who you wanted to be Now embrace all your doubt and all the fear that you see Wash it away with all that you can forgive You’re not dying today so take your life and live
I fear desire and its warm embrace Some might call me a liar, but I prefer a saint And like the shadows, I stay away from the light No matter where I go, Im haunted by the darkness in my life I can’t go back, because I’ll never want to leave The fire between the cracks will burn me to my knees The sky goes black and the forest reveals my pain All hope is turned to ash from the trees now wreathed in flame How could I be guilty of giving in to lust? Does instinct betray me now, with nowhere left to place my trust? Satisfy my alibi, and say what needs to be said Just enough to sell the lie, long before I almost end up dead My words have drown me, choking on my lies The laughter that disguised me has now turned into cries Im wandering lost now, astray without a home Never to be found, I truly am alone
Feel the flames through the trees that disguise the words you believe Look beyond the twisted vines into the place you left behind Now on the ground crawling through the moss to feel the soil upon your skin Thorns drawing blood show the line that you crossed back in the days when you were shrouded in sin Open your eyes and not your wrists Let go of the lies and all the years you missed The devil inside is the angel of fiction who feeds on your cries and gives life to your addictions Peel back the flesh to reveal what we all know Just bones and blood to give life to the dirt below Before that time draws near, understand the distinction between what you think you feel, and your terminal extinction I cross the stream into the woods a place where my contentment once stood The light was gone, no words to say Was this the time to give my life away
Rusted forest crawling over the earth where rotted dreams come to die The scabs of life infected all that was learned twisting hope into lies There is no death only darkness Under the skin of the sun will reveal that the fire is gone The blood and the body the mind and the soul All of it lost in the eternal black hole Before it ends, life must be burned Just to make sure, it never returns There will be pain, and there will be fire to be rid of the beating heart and all its desire Time is so cold when youth becomes old As with all there is life bleeding out in reverse A curse that started with death and ended at birth Every breath from the sky gives balance to those below Until the memory dies and has nowhere to go Sacred scrolls lose all of their meaning burning in the pyres of death All those who worship life are left screaming not even time can grant one last breath


At the crossroad between a hallowed holiday and the cusp of a dead cold winter is where you’ll find Autumns Eyes mastermind Daniel Mitchell. After many seasons of seclusion and intermittently hitting the studio, the recording process has finally wrapped up for the new album titled Ending Life Slowly. Mitchell had this to say regarding the new album…

“Living in New England has always made it easy to draw from the month of October for creative inspiration with life breathing its flaming colors into all the surrounding trees. Unfortunately, these themes can only be revisited every so often before it becomes repetitive. That’s why I reached into the month of November for inspiration. A time when Fall is still thriving, but where color has faded and the trees are bare as skeletons.

While a walk through the woods here in October can be a relaxing activity, doing the same in November carries an overwhelming sense of dread. You’re surrounded by death, and the trees no longer sway and breathe with the air. They’re cold, stiff, bare, and knock together like bones breaking in the sky.

This atmosphere is what fueled the writing process for Ending Life Slowly, with death and decay surrounding every element of each track. It’s a cliche topic to write about in heavy metal music, but my approach here was focused more on the immense weight death can hold over ones shoulders. To sit and truly contemplate what it means for all things to come to an end was a sobering experience to say the least.

I always look at music as sonic therapy, but this was the one time where music couldn’t offer any kind of solace. It just reminded me that life can either go by too fast, or it can end too slowly.”

Due out on October 31st, Ending Life Slowly serves as the first full length album from Autumns Eyes since the 2012 release of Please Deceive Me. Halloween and the death of Fall is a perfect time to be reminded that sometimes life ends far too slowly.


released October 31, 2017

Music by Daniel Mitchell

Artwork by Sorrow Grips


all rights reserved



Autumns Eyes Connecticut

Heavy music from New England, born in the woods & bathed in darkness.

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